A Pioneering Spirit to Stay Ahead of Competition:

As undeniable fact: TopPackOne is competently a market leader, in terms of technological development, production capacity, selling services, and presented added value. The CEO, Mr. Abdallah Maarouf, who drove the development vehicle towards making TopPackOne a leading Lebanese company with wide range of sizes and shapes. By operating two high-tech, high-speed corrugating lines, six up-to-date converting & printing of total Lebanese demand on corrugated cartons, in addition to an increasing share of total demand in Within its strategy aimed at going the extra mile to serve its clients, TopPackOne has created a needs, while keeping pace with the fast moving art design and printing of carton packaging solutions. Furthermore, TopPackOne has assigned a separate department for securing efficient and fast wrapping, to wrap groups of finished products with stretch nylon and put them on pallets, securing product arrival to minimize final product errors and returns, TopPackOne is currently working on developing and applying factory and sales offices, starting from contracting for raw materials, and ending with after-sales services.